When you’re selling your home, potential buyers are going to be picky. This can make selling your home seem like an overwhelming process. There is so much to remember and think about, and how your home looks to a potential buyer is most likely at the forefront of your mind. When making the right impression with buyers, maximizing the space in your home is a guaranteed way to make sure that your home is more pleasing to the eye, and more inviting to those who enter it. For other tips on how to increase the value of your home, call us at Rose Depoe Real Estate today!

  1. Consider What Is Done In Each Room

One of the first steps to maximizing the space in your home is to consider each room’s purpose and what activities are done in each room. Is there more stuff in the room that doesn’t contribute to what the room is primarily for? Simply moving stuff that doesn’t belong in the room helps de-clutter and maximize your room’s space. Not only that, but prioritizing what each room is actually used for, can help you decide ways to maximize the room’s efficiency. For example, a magnetic whiteboard or bulletin board can help make the most of your home office’s space by removing clutter commonly found on your desk. Extra stuff hanging around does nothing but make your space look less appealing.

  1. Play With Proportions

The idea that keeping your furniture low to the ground is what maximizes space is a lie. The only thing it does is make you feel taller. The most beneficial tactic in maximizing your room’s space is creating the impression of expansiveness and depth in a room. Floor-to-ceiling curtains and cabinetry create the illusion of taller ceilings, and a bigger room. Furniture with varying proportions creates a dynamic illusion of a bigger space and greater depth in a room, and therefore makes the room more appealing to a potential buyer.

  1. Get Creative With Storage

Storage, storage, storage! Getting rid of clutter makes a huge difference in the overall appeal of a home. Making the most of your room’s space means finding creative ways to store your stuff! Don’t just leave stuff sitting out on top of tables and in random places! A clean and organized house is more appealing to a potential buyer, and more attractive in general. There are many ways to be creative with storing your things, and use storage to boost the decor in your room. To totally maximize, purchase furniture such as couches, ottomans, coffee tables, etc. that have built-in storage. The more storage built-in, the better. Built-in shelving and nooks within furniture are ways to implement storage without imposing on the existing space of the room. The more space you have in the room, the less cluttered it will seem, and your home will give a more favorable first, second, and third impressions.

  1. Open up space

When you open up the space of your home, it makes it seem like your home is bigger than it actually is. Both lighting and the layout of the rooms in your home can play into this. To give the illusion of more space, a great tactic is to get as much natural light as possible into your home. Go for lighter, transparent curtains over dark and opaque ones. Or, a more popular trend is to simply get rid of the curtains and blinds altogether. You can open up the space in your home by using fabric or glass walls to divide spaces. This opens up your space visually, by allowing light to shine through your entire home rather than simply one room, and it’ll help your space feel larger.

Bottom line: making your home look more appealing to a potential buyer means making the effort to maximize your space. Making the most of your space comes down to not suffocating your space. Get rid of the clutter and the random junk that you don’t actually care about, and create some breathing room in your space! Not only does it look more appealing, but it makes everyone who comes into your home feel more welcomed and at peace. For more information on selling your home, what to do, and what not to do, call the real estate agents at Rose Depoe today! We look forward to meeting you!