Nowadays, it seems that the housing industry is buzzing about tiny homes. This is especially true now that the Dallas, Fort-Worth area has approved a plan for tiny house development back in October. But why is everyone going crazy about tiny homes? What is so great about a tiny house that people can’t stop talking about? Can your realtor even help you get one?


They Save You Money


Tiny homes are approximately 600 square feet, maximum. Most range around 300 square feet. That’s a tiny house. But because there’s so little space, they’re less costly. You’ll spend less of your money on utilities because you simply have less to provide utilities to. Also, financing your house often avoids loans. You can’t use a conventional mortgage to purchase your tiny home, but prefabricated kits help you finance your tiny home without loans. Without a traditional mortgage, you’re guaranteed to save money over time compared to a traditionally-sized home. Installing solar panels and rainwater collection systems also help cut down on cost.


If you want to learn more about the cost of a tiny home, call your Dallas, Fort-Worth realtor today!  


They Help Create A Simpler Life


Tiny homes are just that. Tiny. They are too small for clutter. When investing in tiny homes, you are forced to get rid of junk you don’t need. Tiny homes are a big part of the minimalist lifestyle movement. By converting to living in close quarters, you’re converting to a lifestyle of accumulating less. You’ll also spend less time cleaning because you have less to clean.


Less truly is more.


They’re mobile.


That’s right, I said it. They go where you do. Get a new job and have to move? No problem. Just hitch your tiny home to a trailer and move it to your new town. Going on vacation? Take it with you, and save money on housing for your stay. Tiny homes create a more mobile lifestyle, and give you room to adventure.


They’re Good For The Earth


Having less, means consuming less. Consuming less, means a better environment. They save roughly 26,000 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. They also use a considerably less amount of lumber than a traditional house (half a lumber truck’s worth, vs. seven trucks worth), and less electricity (approximately six light bulbs, vs. 45 lightbulbs).


The Drawbacks Are Few


Tiny homes generally have few downsides. The biggest obstacle people run into with tiny homes is legality. Cities and permits haven’t quite caught up with the trend, and zoning and building permits are not as easy to get for a tiny home than they are for a normal home. The fire code is the biggest obstacle. Your Dallas Fort-Worth Realtor will be able to tell you more, and answer your questions. Call us!


Because they’re so small, they don’t have to meet the same codes and restrictions as other buildings and homes. However, tiny home builders are fighting for legal zoning and permits for tiny homes. They’re at the forefront of city council meetings, and aren’t backing down. The tiny home movement has brought people together. It has started organizations and groups and created a community centered around living simply.


Is the tiny home lifestyle sounding appealing? Call us to learn more about if the tiny home lifestyle is for you! Our realtors are here to answer any questions you may have.