1. Move up Vs Second Home, Which is Right for you?

    Move-Up vs. Second Home: Which One Is Right For You?     The pandemic has changed the way many of us live, work, and attend school—and those changes have impacted our priorities when it comes to choosing a home.   According to a recent survey by The Harris Poll, 75% of respondents who h…Read More

  2. Is now the right time to buy or sell your home?

      It’s a common misconception that you shouldn’t try to buy or sell a home during the fall and winter months. This is generally considered the “offseason” in real estate. Many sellers mistakenly believe that the cooler weather will keep buyers away and that no one is looking over the holida…Read More

  3. The Tiny Home Craze: Can My Realtor Help?

    Nowadays, it seems that the housing industry is buzzing about tiny homes. This is especially true now that the Dallas, Fort-Worth area has approved a plan for tiny house development back in October. But why is everyone going crazy about tiny homes? What is so great about a tiny house that people can…Read More

  4. Valentine’s Day: A Time for Love (and Home Buying)

    Ah…. Valentine’s Day. A day when couples young and old start to think about their future together. And often the most important part of that future is buying a home. February is a great month for buying a house – in fact, it’s often better than the traditional seasons of spring and fall. Acc…Read More

  5. It’s Not Too Late to Sell: Five Tips for Closing in 2017

    We are used to thinking of spring and summer as the time to sell our homes. But hold on – the end of the year can also be a great time to sell. Why? First, November-December buyers tend to be motivated buyers, ready to buy. At the same time, inventory is lower, and fewer people want to show their …Read More

  6. Tips For Long-Distance Moves With Pets

    Between packing, hiring a mover, driving to your new home and finalizing last minute preparations, there is a lot going on when you embark on a big move to a new city. If you are the proud parent of one (two, three, four, five?) fur babies, you may be dreading moving a long distance with your pets r…Read More

  7. Ways To Make Moving Easier For Your Children

    Moving is stressful for everyone—even your little ones. While children may not initially understand what it going on while boxes are being packed and pictures are being taken off the wall, they absolutely know that something strange and out of the ordinary is going on. When you finally break the n…Read More

  8. Ten Inexpensive Ways To Increase The Saleability Of Your Home

    You’ve done it—you called professional realtor Rose Depoe, you found a new home that you’re moving into soon and your old home is listed, ready to be sold. What an exciting process! And congratulations on committing to this next adventure in your life! When it comes to selling your home, appea…Read More

  9. How To Prepare For a Big Move

    -- Selling your “old” home and buying a “new” home can be an exciting but scary journey. Depending on how long you have lived in your current place, leaving and moving somewhere new can be an emotional process. You have probably created many memories in your home—family holidays, bringing …Read More